Bernal custom guitars
and basses


Instrument design
and construction

My inspiration and work come from listening carefully to the musicians when building a custom instrument.
Then, the selection of the appropriate woods and the dedicated and conscious love for this wonderful craft do the rest.

Repairs, calibrations, circuits,
hardware installation, maintenance.

I personally do repairs, calibrations and maintenance of stringed instruments. The tuning of an instrument and its maintenance are very important, and must be carried out with great dedication and professionalism.
In my workshop I carry out updates, hardware changes and partial or total restorations.


My name is Emiliano Bernal and since 2007 I design acoustic and electric instruments based fundamentally on the construction methods of the European tradition of the great Master Guitarists and the modern forms of reinterpretation of the classical.

I work in my workshop in Burzaco, a city south of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. From here my instruments travel to the hands of great Artists in Argentina, Latin America and the US.